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Date: 12 Jan 2015 15:59:00
Title: Monday 12th Jan 2015

Another day, lots of squalls and lots of wind. Not the most pleaseant sailing, but very fast. Had a line jam in the furler earlier so we couldnt furl the genoa, found out just before a 35 knot squall hit, not fun. Took an hour to sort that ot, then we gybed, since the wind had gone south of east and it would take us to our planned position (waypoint). We took a while working out all the ropes etc, then as soon as we gybed we needed to back again, total time spent / lost was approx 2 hours. Currently the wind is a bit shifty but its between 25 and 31 knots, bit full on, twoo reefs in the main and the genoa half furled.
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