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Date: 05 Dec 2014 14:16:40
Title: \blog date 5-12-2014

Here we are again! currently in pos 1709N 4753W. great nights sail last night, well on my watch. Good wind direction good, boat speeding along happily. full moon to light up the sky and sea and no clouds. Sunset last night saw my first green flash ever. What is this. You only get to see it in lower latitiudes apparently, its to do with the refractionof the suns light through the atmosohere as its setting. just as it sets if its clear enough the top appears green, but very briefly, hence grren flash. 
today is a different story, lots of cloud and rain squalls, upsetting the windd and direction, currently heading towards Trinidad and Tobago, not great. StellaBrain and myself had a shower in one of the squalls, very refreshing, cold in fact, in our swim wear of course!
Thats all folks, John

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