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Date: 13 Jul 2010 23:11:17
Title: Port Vila, Vanuatu, Leg Results - Photos Added

Éowyn is still moored in Port Vila, Vanuatu  in position 17:44.700S 168:18.689E
Tonight there was a great meal at the Waterfront restaurant with another traditional dance and a rather less traditional but rather good, blues band.
Kastom Dancer
We were again delighted with the racing result for the last leg. We managed second place, rather better than expected as a couple of yachts motored much more than us.
The winner was Ciao, a Sweden Yachts 45. It is unbelievably fast in all conditions and impressed us in almost no wind when we were motoring. Srecko from Slovenia sails it really well and quite aggressively and must be the easy favourite to win World ARC overall.
Tomorrow we clear Customs and finalise our passage plan for the 8 day sail to Mackay. Australia willo be a massive milestone for us. Although Mackay is not quite half way, it does feel like it and to arrive safely will be our main aim.

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