Debut to Banda to Buru and Wakatobi Indonesia

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Fri 9 Aug 2019 00:11
05.00.34S 124.01.50E
We are now on our way to Wangiwangi in the Wakatobi National Park and will arrive today (Friday 9th) about 2.0pm local time (Central Indonesia Time - +8 hrs UTC) and all is well on board.
We stayed in Debut for a week and it was absolutely hectic and overwhelming. There were 3 full days of events, dancing, lunches and dinners, all laid on by the locals, but funded by the tourist ministry and the state government. Even on the 2 days prior to the actual event there was constant practising by the locals and kids of their dancing. Every where we went we were treated like film stars and everyone wanted to take our pictures with them and their kids. Whole villages turned out when we arrived, it was truly amazing, but very tiring.
We were relieved to leave for Banda (220 miles) and had a very fast passage (~30 hours). We really liked Banda and its markets, but were quickly into another set of ceremonies etc. We did a Spice Island tour on a neighbouring Island and really enjoyed that, learning about nutmeg etc.
We were soon on our way again for another very fast 220 miles to South Buru. The anchorage was very pretty, but we should have missed out this stop, Most of the activities were badly managed and one tour was actually very dangerous. We did however meet up with Tahlula Ruby and collected my new Kindle, which I have sorely missed, since I broke the last one.
We are hoping to have some internet at Wangiwangi and will try to do a proper blog update.
Cheers D & S