Thursday Island (Australia) to Debut, Indonesia

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 21 Jul 2019 05:46
05.44.68S 132.40.78E
We arrived at Debut at 9.30am this morning (Sunday) 96 hours after leaving. We were so fast that we caught up with some of the boats that left on Tuesday morning. We had spells of 10-12 knots, but mostly it was 15-20 knots and we were often doing 8 knots. There was almost a full moon so it was only for a couple of hours that it was really dark and we often had clear sky and lots of stars. It was of course pretty rolly at times, but great sailing, although fairly testing sleeping.
We had some issues with fishing boats and a tug pushing a large barge, all without AIS. There was an extraordinary large fishing floating village of 200-300 boats off one of the islands and although we were well offshore of the ’village’  we did encounter about 50 boats that had split off from the group all heading East, but the largely didn’t have nets out and weren’t a problem. Susan said it was out Saturday afternoon entertainment.
Susan also encountered a tug pushing a large barge, but it wasn’t on the AIS and it was extremely difficult to work out what it was and what it was doing. It was one of the very seldom occasions she woke me up during my off shift to help work out what to do.
We are now waiting for the indonesia officials to come out to the boat to clear customs etc. There are about 12 boats all in the same position, that arrived today. It is Sunday and Debut is mainly Christian, so we have to be patient.
We expect to organise SIM cards tomorrow.
D & S