Sydney - New Year etc.

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David & Susan Simpson
Fri 19 Apr 2019 05:58

33.52.28S 151.10.97E


After the excitement of watching the start of the Sydney Hobart we then had Ingvar and Tuija, from Hakuna Matata, join the group, staying on Endorphin with Colin & Izzy over New Year. We enjoyed touring Sydney with them and walking across the bridge, although we didn’t do the climb over the top.


Colin & Izzy & Ingvar & Tuija on the ferry to the far side of Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Heavy photo session on the bridge.


Great view of the Opera House from the bridge.


We then moved to Athol Bay on 29th December to get a good position for the New Year fireworks. On Hogmanay the anchorage became chaotic, with lots of boats anchoring very close and quite a number of no understanding of how much chain you need or how much space is needed. We had to rescue a power boat that dragged past us and then had a yacht anchor right over our chain. When the ‘skipper tried to lift his anchor he picked up our chain and we had to pull in some chain and tie alongside him until we could get his anchor fully up.


The fireworks were however fantastic and we had a really good view, here are just a few photos. It is difficult to do the fireworks justice with photos and watching the TV pictures gives a better impression, although even that doesn’t capture the atmosphere properly.


The bridge lit up ready for the fireworks.







After the fireworks the majority of boats left the anchorage within 2 hours and we were able to relax and have a good sleep.


In the morning we went back to our favourite anchorage at the Fish Market and remarkably both Endorphin and ourselves managed to anchor in exactly the same spot.


Later a 50’ power boat came & anchored right in front of us and wouldn’t move, even though we said they were too close and it wasn’t safe.


Their anchor chain was wrapped round a yellow buoy, right beside the boat.



Within a couple of hours the boat dragged and as no one was on board we contacted Marine Rescue, who were located nearby. By the time Marine Rescue tied up to the boat to drag to away, the boat hit us although there was no damage.


After a few days we headed out to try a few more anchorages in Sydney Harbour.



One of the anchorages was at Manly Beach. This was not our scene so didn’t stay long and we headed off up the coast 20 miles to Pittwater.