Fiji to Vanuatu -day 3

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 11 Aug 2018 23:49
17.50.94S 172.15.02E
We are now over halfway to Vanuau and sailing along pretty gently at about 6 knots. So far the weather has been kind to us and fairly close to the forecast, maybe just a few knots more than forecast, but this has helped us to be sailing most of the time. Every now and then we have to do a bit of motor-sailing with fairly low revs, to keep up our average speed to 5.5 knots, which will get us to Port Villa, early on Tuesday.
We have had quite a bit of cloud cover, but last night was clear and as there is very little moon the stars were really good. We did have a rather disconcerting experience last night, when I saw a light directly ahead of us and at times it looked very close. There was nothing on the AIS and I wasn’t sure if the closeness of the light was an optical illusion, I think that sometimes my varifocal lenses give a distorted picture of lights. I turned the boat 90 degrees and got Susan up to give her opinion. The boat gradually moved away to the side and I think it must have been a fishing boat, but all we saw was one or two whit lights.
We may have to hove to on Tuesday morning to wait until daylight for entering Port Villa, but it will be good to practice this anyway as we hardly ever do this.
All is well on board.
Cheers D & S