New Zealand to Fiji 2018 - Minerva

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 5 Jun 2018 03:43
23.37.56S 178.53.95W
We are still in Minerva and are likely to be here for a week. We were going to leave today, but we didn’t feel quite ready and hadn’t managed to do any snorkelling or walking on the reef, so we decided to relax and wait for the next weather window. We also felt that the current weather window was a bit tight and if the system from the west arrived early we could have another testing 24 hours.
Michael and Caroline on ‘Golden Spirit of Islay’ just arrived yesterday, so we are going to have a night on Enchantress to catch up. They are running short of diesel after a testing trip from New Zealand, so we are going to supply them with 150 litres. We have loads of diesel and will still have more than enough to motor all the way to Fiji, if we need to. Tomorrow we might even get the fishing line out.
We are still trying to dry out the boat, but we need some more sun to do it properly, but it is distinctly warmer than New Zealand so we can’t complain.
Cheers D & S