NZ Refit 2018 - Cockpit

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 16 Jun 2018 22:43

In New Zealand in 2017 we had the first part of a major refit for Enchantress, this included the deck and coachroof, the anchor locker, windlass and chain, the rudder and engine related issues. In 2018 we continued with the upgrade and this time the work encompassed the cockpit coaming, the doghouse, the fridge/freezer, the galley, the forward heads, the bimini and solar panels, the Windpilot, the liferaft and strengthening the outboard support structure.

I will do a few blog updates to show the outcome of the work, starting here with the cockpit and doghouse.

One of the issues we continued to have in 2017 was water coming in through the teak cockpit coaming and the doghouse and the aluminium doghouse windows were significantly corroded.  We removed the doghouse and took it back to Graeme’s garage for refurbishing. I then removed all the teak from the cockpit coaming.




Graeme then made a new coaming with fibreglass covered marine ply and made a temporary doghouse to provide us with some protection over the Xmas period.



The windows and aluminium frame was removed from the old doghouse and it was then refurbished with a fibreglass covering and reshaped to better suit the solar panels. New hardened windows were fitted into the wood and Stainless Chris made new Stainless Steel window frames , including an opening window at the front. He made custom built window supports as we couldn’t find any commercial window stays which were strong enough or suitable. Graeme made new solar panel supports for the roof of the doghouse and buried the cables to give a very neat finish. The doghouse was then spray painted to give a very shiny and impressive finish.


Graeme and Matt sanding the nearly finished new doghouse.


Graeme bringing out the new doghouse to the boat. This was done at least twice, as we did a dry fit to ensure it would fit properly after all the changes but before all the final painting.


The new solar panel supports were used to allow a lifting harness to be fitted.


Nearly in place.


The solar panels fitted in the supports with temporary wood locking plates. This was later replaced with fibreglass plates.


The doghouse complete with the new windows, new grab handles etc.


The new cockpit coaming.


The opening front window and support stays with a locking mechanism.


To complete this part of the refurbishment Graeme & Matt re-varnished the cockpit table and the wood at the companion way. Note the upgraded instrumentation, this completes a job started a couple of years ago.

The whole cockpit job has made another major step in making the boat dryer and up-to-date.