Minerva to Fiji 2018

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Mon 11 Jun 2018 01:59
23.11.68S 178.52.41W
We set off from Minerva this morning at 9.0am and are currently motor-sailing at 5-6 knots. We are having to sail about 15 deg off our course due to light headwinds, but that was the forecast so we can’t complain. The wind would have been better if we left tomorrow, but we want to be sure of arriving by Friday morning, so we can book in at normal hours.
We had a hard time in Minerva on Saturday afternoon and night with up to 45 knots at the peak, around midnight, and lots of lightning. Our snubber on the anchor chain broke and we heard a very large bang, however when we checked the anchor and chain were ok and we just had to fit a new snubber. We were doing an anchor watch and at the peak both of us were up in the cockpit. We got to bed at 2.0am when the system had passed.
Today has been quite sunny so far and we expect fairly light winds most of the way to Savusavu and to arrive on Thursday afternoon/evening.
Cheers, D&S