New Zealand to Fiji 2018 - Day 4

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Thu 31 May 2018 02:07
We are now into the 4th day at sea and back into the routine. We lost the wind yesterday afternoon and have been motor-sailing for the past 20 hours. We are still however averaging about 6.5 knots, so making good progress. It is quite sunny and we have started to shed layers of clothes as it gets warmer.
The weather forecast now looks a bit better for going straight to Fiji, but we won’t make the decision on whether to stop at Minerva reef until Saturday when we are due to pass Minerva. All is well on board and very few problems so far.
We have quite a number of boats within a few miles of us and can hear the occasional conversation on the VHF, and we passed by another yacht quite close this morning and had a chat with them. We check in twice a day into an SSB radio net being run by Jeff on Messaluna, so are in touch with 5 other boats. We haven’t started fishing yet as we still have fresh meat on board, but we will probably start on Sat/Sun.
All the upgrades and major refurbishment on the boat are in good shape, I will provide details and photos when we get to Fiji.
Cheers, D & S