New Zealand to Fiji 2018 - Day 2

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 29 May 2018 03:21
32.26.47S 176.13.65E
We left New Zealand at 8.15 am on Monday and it was straight into the ‘deep end’. After 7 months of virtually no sailing, as soon as we were out of the Bay of Islands we had 3 meter swell and 15 –30 knots of wind. This was what was forecast so no complaints, however it does take a bit of getting used to it again. The wind was largely from the South and was behind the beam, which is pretty good for Enchantress. Our speed varied from 6 knots to over 8 knots and we averaged over 6.5 knots in the first 24 hours (160nm). Steve must have done a good job cleaning the bottom of our hull, etc. It was dry all day and we managed a nice dinner in the cockpit with our new Bimini lights on, although it was pretty cold with the breeze coming up from the Antartic.
This morning we had quite a few squalls, before the wind and waves settled back down a bit, but then the sun came out and it has been pretty nice so far. We were hit by a very large breaking wave which banged against the hull, pushing the boat well over and the water then came right over the new bimini and solar panels. We were glad that the panels were no longer out the sides of the boat as we would probably have had more bent stainless steel. It was no problem for the new fibrglass bimini and solar panel supports.
All is well on board and no significant boat problems. We hear on the VHF converstions between some of the ICA rally boats, but we haven’t seen any boats since yesterday.
I will do another update in 2 days as long as the Satellite phone service renewal happens properly.
David & Susan