Bundaberg to Brisbane

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 9 Dec 2018 06:37

27.10.40S 153.22.08E


As indicated on my last blog we had a pretty smooth and windless sail from New Caledonia to Bundaberg as can be seen from the following photos.


Glassy seas at sunset.


We had a visitor on board for an hour or two.


We tied up safely at the marina in Bundaberg, where we stayed for 3 weeks, until after the Rally events.



While at Bundaberg we visited a fair at nearby Burnett Heads. We are not sure why they had a camel, but the kids seemed to enjoy the ride.


They had a gathering of VW Campervans & the condition of most of them was pretty amazing.


They were very colourful as well.


We saw some interesting specimens on the walk to Burnett Heads.



These were of course to be expected.


The Kangaroos can be pretty aggressive, to each other and humans if you get too close.


Now this was an interesting Rally event – Mud Crab Racing. Brett, the marina manager auctioned off the competitors for charity.


The crabs were then set down in the middle of a drawn map of Australia and the winners were the first to reach any part of the coast. Well the winner owners were excited and all owners had their crabs cooked for them. It raised a few hundred dollars for the Volunteer Marine Rescue Service.


After 3 weeks we headed down on an overnight passage to Brisbane. We were accompanied by Ingmar & Tuija on Hakuma Mutata, who were met up with in Fiji.


We arrived in Moreton Bay and anchored in Tangalooma Bay behind some wrecks that were sunk there to provide an artificial reef.


Susan went snorkelling at the wrecks and there was quite a good selection of fish.


Some of the fish were very colourful.




We think that Susan needs to look at her camera settings. The turtle wasn’t quite that orange!!


One day we went ashore with Ingmar and Tuija for a walk. We found a path which indicated a bypass of the local resort of 1.5 Kilometres and Susan said we should do it. We set off and after about 40 minutes we found a junction on the path and followed what we worked out must be the bypass. We ended up walking for about 3 hours and walked about 8 kilometres, the last hour in the dark. The sign apparently indicated that the start of the bypass was 1.5k and didn’t give any indication of the length of the bypass. Hopefully we will learn from this, but probably not!!


After 2-3 days we had a forecast of heavy winds so we headed a little South to Manly Marina (see next blog).