New Caledonia to Bundaberg, Australia -day 5

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 21 Oct 2018 22:30
This has been a real sunshine motor cruise. We continue to have very light winds, just a few light clouds, and at night almost a full moon, so it is very easy and pleasant, although some wind for sailing would be nice. It is exactly as forecast in the grib files, so we are not complaining, we will have spent about £300 on diesel, but, so far anyway, we wont have any repair expenses.
We will arrive by 7.30 am Eastern Australia Time, which will give us tide with us going up the river to the port & marina at Bundaberg. We hadn’t seen any yachts or commercial boats for the past 2 days but have just seen our first cargo boat and we have 2 yachts a few miles off our port beam. These will be 2 of the yachts that left a day ahead of us, but have been trying to sail or motor-sail as much as possible and only motor at 5 knots. It is likely to be busy today/night as we approach the coast, we have 135 miles to go.
All well on board.
Cheers D&S