Vuda Point marina

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 12 Sep 2017 05:15

17.40.84S 177.23.21E

We left Vulaga early on Saturday morning (26th August) and had a reasonably bouncy trip through the pass. We had a nice 2 day sail to Vuda Point Marina, arriving at about 10 am. We tied up to a mooring buoy in the middle of the marina and were lifted out of the water by 1 pm, pretty good going as we hadn’t booked to come out on Monday.

The damage to the keel from scraping on a reef in Tonga was pretty minor and just the very bottom of the keel.

The view from the boat on the hard was quite nice, across the marina and out to the bay outside.

On checking we found that there was a lot of play in the cutlass bearing and this needed replaced. We found that the shaft wouldn’t go past the rudder so had to remove cutlass bearing housing.

As we suspected from Susan’s examination under water, the antifouling on the propeller had largely come off. This is pretty poor after just 3 months we'll be having words with Chad when we get back to Opua!!

We found a crack in the fibreglass around the lower fitting for the strut between the hull and the ‘dolphin nose’ which supports the forward genoa and the anchor. Once the crack was ground back and repaired with several layers of fibreglass and new gelcoat, Susan had to help get the dolphin nose down to be able to refit the strut.

One of the other jobs was to get our inner Genoa repaired. A seam near the top had come apart, we suspect it got caught on the upper spreader, but quite a bit of the other stitching had also to be replaced. As this is one of the original sails on the boat when we bought it, it is doing very well and is still in pretty good condition.

The other jobs for our week on the hard included:

-          Replacing the packing in the rudder stuffing box. We were constantly having water coming in, no matter how much we tightened the gland. It now appears that the packing was the wrong size and should have been 13mm instead of 10mm. Time will tell!!

-          Adding an extra coat of antifouling, particularly around the leading edges, waterline & rudder.

-          Polishing the hull.

-          Making a new false floor for the anchor locker and drilling 2 new drain holes. We were having problems with the old drain hole blocking and the anchor locker filling up with water.

-          Checking the wiring to the solar panels and redoing some of the joints.

-          Repairing the dinghy. We couldn’t get anyone to do this in Vuda and had to do it ourselves. We think it is now ok, but is likely to be a recurring problem. It looks like the paint on the aluminium bottom is coming off and the tubes are glued to the paint!! Next time we buy an aluminium bottom RIB we will get one that is unpainted.

We have a suspicion that there might be some diesel making its way into the sump oil, but it is not clear and we are currently monitoring the situation.

We relaunched Enchantress on Tuesday 5th September and stayed 2 days to clean up the boat and get ready for some more adventure. On Thursday we motored up 6 miles to Saweni Bay and met up with Sean & Sabine on Chevaldy. We had a get together celebration on Enchantress and then left on Saturday for the Yasawa Islands.

Enchantress all cleaned and polished.