Pictures from the trip from Tonga to Fiji and from our stay in Savusavu

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David & Susan Simpson
Mon 11 Sep 2017 22:38

Pictures from the trip to Fiji and from Savusavu.

Some of Susan’s preparation for the trip to Fiji (400nm) – banana cake!

A slightly wet & windy passage to Fiji, but great fun.

We were doing over 8 knots frequently on the last day and sometimes surfing at up to 12 knots!!

Our great twin head-sail set-up, reefed in a bit ready for overnight.

Enchantress safely moored in Savusavu.

A railway line at Lambassa, used for transporting sugar cane. Lambassa is the biggest town on the Vanua Levu Island, the north of the 2 large islands. Susan and Sabine from Chevaldy took the 2 hour bus trip from Savusavu to Lambassa. It was a cultural experience!


Sugar Cane on being transported to the mills in Lambassa.

The large & colorful market in Lambassa. Over 50% of the population is of Indian descent, brought in originally to harvest the sugar cane.

The market had a very large selection of food and clothing etc.

Susan enjoyed a very nice 6 FJD vegetarian lunch at the Hare Krishna restaurant.