Trip from Savusavu to Lau Group

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 15 Aug 2017 22:52
19.08.34S 178.32.93W
We spent a week in Savusavu before setting off on the 200nm trip to Vulaga Atol in the South Lau Group. I will do a blog on Savusavu when we once again have internet access, but that could be in a months time, in the meantime we are reliant on the Satellite phone and only have access to the Enchantress email. We would have liked to spend a bit more time in Savusavu, however there was a weather window to go to South Lau Group and we could have waited for weeks before getting another weather window.
Vulaga is South East of Savusavu and since the prevailing wind is from the SE, it is difficult to get a window of wind from the E, NE, N and West. We left Savusavu at 5.0pm on Monday and had a very boisterous, but quick, sail through Monday night. We had 20-25 knots from the East, lots of squalls, with sometimes torrential rain, and a slightly scary lightening show, all within one of my shifts. On Tuesday we managed to do a reasonable course, but had to motorsail quite a bit later on to make the course through some of the Lau Group islands.
We arrived at Vulaga right on schedule at 9.30 am, just at the right time to come through the tricky pass. As a superyacht went aground just over a month ago, it makes you a little nervous. We didn’t have any problems, however our Navionics Sonar chart seemed to be a little out, 30-40 meters, so reasonable visibility is essential.
We have anchored in the same spot as one of Villomee (Trevor & Jan) anchored in just over a month ago. It is pretty spectacular with lots of rugged mushroom rocks, white sand and blue water. We will have a quiet day, drying things out from the wet passage, before exploring the quite large atol. We got lots of info and advice from Trevor & Jan before we left and it has been spot on so far.