David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Wed 12 Jul 2017 19:16

20 16.54S 174 48.30W


Nomuka and Nomuka Iki

After leaving Nuku’alofa we planned to stop at Kelefesia, a small uninhabited island which was reported to have good snorkelling, unfortunately the entrance to the anchorage was flanked by reefs with big breaking waves, so we decided to head up to Nomuka and Nomuka Iki instead. This proved to be a very sheltered anchorage with a nice village and some good snorkelling and swimming.

Although we could see a communications tower on the top of Nomuka our Digicel SIM did not work, so one of the first priorities was to go ashore to try to get a TCC SIM, so we could get internet access.

The island only has a population of about 300 people, fairly limited services and only a couple of small kiosk type shops. We stopped a t the first to see if we could buy some fruit and veg and a TCC SIM.

Sean amuses the local children while David and Sabine check out the shop.

The shop only sold tins of food, super noodles and sweets. The women in the shop said the TCC SIMS could be bought at the office at the base of the communications tower. Since this was some distance away she got her 2 children to show us the way.


Main street in Nomuka.

First Aid Station.

Most villages have several churches.

Church of the Latter Day Saints.

Wesleyan Church

The TCC telephone company office (and staff house). It took quite a while to get the SIMS for the MIFI working, but the guy did manage and given the size of the village we were quite impressed.


While Sabine & I were sorting out the internet issues, Sean & Susan were chatting up the locals. One young lad scampered up a tree to fetch a couple of coconuts.

The village had loads of pigs roaming around, but the diet didn’t look very healthy!!

The beach at Nomuka Iti, with an old wrecked police boat.

We stayed about 8 days at Nomuka, partly because I developed a bad stomach and was poorly for about 4 days. We the sailed up to Haafeva island and once again visited the village.

The anchorage at Haafeva just off the pier. The village was a 20 minute walk to the other side of the island across a pretty rustic road that supplies had to be taken.

The pier wasn’t all that old, but obviously wasn’t able to withstand the elements.

There was signs of quite a bit of cultivation on Haafeva, much more than on Nomuka.

There was even a generating plant, built by the Australians, but it looked out of operation.


The usual Tongan colourful graves.

The Mormon church and basketball courts.

Some of the houses were well built and kept.

The health centre.

Once again lots of pigs roaming around.

We just stayed a couple of nights in Haafeva and decided to sail straight up to Vavau, without checking in at Pangai as Susan was now ill. She spent virtually all the 16 hour trip to Vavau in her bunk, but she managed to get up to help navigate into Vavau in the dark and pick up a mooring in Neiafu.. It wasn’t too difficult as we had been there before and knew the charts were accurate.