NZ Enchantress Refit - Anchor Setup

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 1 Jul 2017 20:15

One of the items on our refit list for New Zealand was to sort out our Anchor system. This included the anchor and chain, both of which were pretty rusty. The anchor was particularly bad around the roll bar, as this had been badly damaged in a storm in Sicily and was rusting around the welds.

We sent the anchor back to the makers Manson, who replaced the roll bar and re-galvanised the rest of the anchor. We decide to completely replace the chain and warp, rather than re-galvanising as it was in very bad condition.

We had been having trouble with the chain jumping off the windlass gypsy and also jamming up. This was despite replacing the gypsy fairly recently. The main problem was that the design of having the windlass down in the anchor locker meant that the chain was only in contact with about 25% of the gypsy, i.e. about 3 chain links. We decided to buy a new vertical windlass and to mount the windlass at deck level. This meant rebuilding the anchor locker to support the new windlass.

A new platform had to be built.

Graeme and Matt ( Graeme’s son) had to reshape the anchor locker doors so that they fitted closely to the windlass platform and had much less gaps both at the edges and in the middle.

The finished windlass area looking very smart with new Treadmaster etc.

One aspect that I forgot about was to enlarge the locker drain, with the consequence that once again in heavy seas the drain got blocked and the anchor locker was flooded and overflowed through to the Focstle and flooded the boat. This will be fixed in Fiji, where we plan to lift the boat anyway.