Trip from NZ toTonga 8th June

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Thu 8 Jun 2017 08:48
26.03.25S 179.47.29E
We are just 400nm from Tonga and averaging over 6.5 knots. We are still motor-sailing in light winds, but are likely to have a bit of a blow before reaching Tonga Tapu. We have decide to go straight to Tonga rather than stop at Minerva due to the forecast and our speedy progress.
It is a bit of a pain having the engine on all the time, however we treat this trip as a delivery, i.e. to make as quick progress as possible to avoid the series of lows that come across from the Tasman sea. We carry a lot of diesel so that is not an issue and we took advantage of calm seas yesterday to transfer our 200 litres from the jerry cans to the tanks. This was achieved with only a small spillage, unfortunately right over Susan’s trousers, however this saved it going on the deck!! I am not sure if Susan fully appreciated the benefit of this!
All is well on board and other than having to empty the bilge twice a day, due to the rudder stuffing box leaking, we have very few issues considering all the work/changes we made in NZ.
Cheers, David & Susan