Trip from NZ toTonga 6th June

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Wed 7 Jun 2017 23:48
30.55.49S 176.56.86E
After 7 months in Bay of Islands, New Zealand, we are under way again! We are on our way to Tonga, via Minerva Reef, approx. 1050 nm and overall about 7-8 days sailing/motoring. We set off at 1200 on Sunday and by mid day today (Tuesday) we will have done 315nm. It has been very light winds so far and we have been motorsailing. This is likely to continue until Friday, when we should arrive in Minerva Reef. If the forecast stays the same, we will stop in Minerva for a couple of days to allow some strong N & W winds to pass.
All is well on board and the boat is performing pretty well after all the work. We do have some water coming in through the rudder stuffing box and I have tightened it as much as I can at present. It looks like the thread for the stuffing box was not cleaned when the rudder and new stuffing was fitted and there maybe should have been 3 layers of stuffing fitted instead of 2. I will tackle this either in Minerva or in Tonga.
I will do some blog updates for our time in NZ once I have time to relax in Tonga and have suitable internet access.
Cheers, David & Susan