Fiji to NZ Day 4

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 24 Oct 2017 21:09
We are now about half way, which is really good considering the zig-zag course we have been doing.
After a difficult first 2 days, due to strong winds and big seas from the SE on day 1, then boat issues, chart plotter failing & the autopilot wondering significantly, the last 2 days have been pretty relaxed. On Monday morning I tackled the autopilot issue. After fully analysing & researching the issue, I took the ‘expert’ action of turning off all the instruments and turning them back on. This cured the autopilot issue and it has been working properly ever since, I suspect that the plotter failing caused the problem as it is the control for aspects like magnetic variation etc.
On Monday the seas died down to about 1.5m and the wind started turning more East, so we were able to sail at a good speed and in a much better direction and the sun even came out. By evening the wind had dropped so we had to turn the engine back on & motorsail. We managed a bit of sailing on Tuesday, but the wind dropped completely in the evening and we have motoring for the past 12 hours. This is largely as forecast so we can’t complain and we have lots of diesel. We expect to use quite a bit of diesel on this trip as we want to keep up an average of over 6 knots and limit the chances of nasty weather forming near NZ. The forecast now shows just such a patch of weather for next Wednesday, however we will have arrived well before then, I expect to arrive on Sunday.
All is well and we are looking forward to a nice hot shower and a nice dinner with a cheeky bottle of wine.
Cheers, D&S