Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 1 Jan 2017 12:04

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Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to all, we are both well and enjoying some warmer weather as we progress into summer in NZ.

December has been a month of hard work, progressing the jobs on the boat. The biggest job of course is taking off the teak deck and sealing up the thousands of screw holes in the deck. We are now over 95% through the removal job, including some of the most difficult parts, where there are fittings to be removed, e.g. the genoa tracks etc. as this has involved taking down some of the wood ceiling in the saloon to get to the bolts. The deck now needs to be sanded and some of the areas where water has got into the deck balsa core will have to be repaired. The repairs will be done by a boat builder, but we will do as much as possible to help keep the costs reasonable.

Chipping away at the teak. You have to do it very gently to avoid digging into the fiberglass.

At least when we are working we can watch some of the racing which takes part in the bay.

Some of the racing boats go right through the anchored boats, often disconcertingly close!

We have also had major work done to install a new windlass and chain ( Susan’s Xmas present). We have had a platform built to mount the new windlass at deck level, rather than in the anchor locker as we were constantly having problems of the chain jumping off the gypsy with the old system and often the whole chain would then run out - very annoying and a bit dangerous.

The new windlass all fitted and connected.

This shows the new structure to support the new windlass, built at considerable cost, but it will be worth it if we can anchor without the problems we have experienced in the past.

We have managed to have some fun as well:

We accompanied Sean & Sabine to a celebratory dinner to mark their 25th wedding anniversary.

Susan, Sean & Sabine went to a hash meeting, along with some of the other cruisers. This was a walk along a trail, followed by some refreshments. It is held monthly and although some participants do run, as you can see it is not a very athletic group!

We arranged a get together for carol singing in the cruisers lounge in the marina. This group were the French contingent, but there were also people from Alaska, Germany, Ireland and ourselves. I had printed out the words for English carols and Jean Pierre had a book of carols in French.

On Xmas day we had invited Sean & Sabine (Chevaldy) for dinner and Jean Pierre & Isobel (Sodric) joined us afterwards for another sing song. First however I had to take the cooker apart as both rings has stopped working, luckily I managed to get them working again so we could have hot food.

Some Xmas Cheer!!

Dinner down below and of course serious discussion on world affairs!

Susan’s other Xmas present, an inflatable kayak.

Susan relaxing on New Years’ day – in case you thought she wasn’t really here at all !!