Additional Tahaa Photos

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Thu 8 Sep 2016 02:30

16.36.91S   151.32.69W

The photos below are from  Tahaa.

Looking over the Coral Garden pass to Bora Bora. we were anchored here for almost 2 weeks.

Dressed in Sean's wetsuit so I could do away with my buoyancy aid.

Enjoying snorkeling in the Coral Garden. We did this a total of 7 times and saw different fish each time.

The very fancy lion fish.

An Ornate Butterfly Fish.

We think these are Damsel Fish.

Xmas Tree Worms.

A Colorful Wrasse

A Giant (Titan) Trigger Fish.

A Stingray.

A Blue Clown Fish.

Some Trigger Fish.

The classic Clown Fish.