Bora Bora Photos

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Thu 8 Sep 2016 03:45
16.36.91S   151.32.69W

The photos below are from Bora Bora.

 This monster was for sale on one of the street vendors in Bora Bora .

 Susan went diving with Topdive and one of the dives was at a pass where Manta Rays congregated.

 The mantas are about 4 meters across but are very elegant.

 There were several Manatas and they didn't seem to mind human company.


Once the dive was over and Susan came back to the surface, they found that we were in the middle of a storm.

Were went round to the east side of Bora Bora for a couple of nights and had some really nice weather and snorkeling.

One of the Lion Fish.

 A very colourful Pacific Sailfin Tang. A variety we hadn't seen elsewhere.

 A shoal of Convict Fish.

 Where some of the coral has been damaged by storms they have put down some sculptures for us tourists.


One of the many 5 star hotels.