Suwarrow & trip to Tonga

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 24 Sep 2016 21:29
We arrived in Suwarrow at 9.0am on Sunday 11th Sept. The entrance was straight forward into the lagoon and we anchored off the main Island. We had a great 12 days in Suwarrow, with quite a bit of socialising with both the wardens and the other cruisers, including the crews from 2 super yachts, which were there for a couple of nights.
The highlight was undoubtedly snorkelling with Manta Rays at what is referred to as a cleaning station. The Manatas had a wing span of 3-4 meters and were very graceful in the water. We saw up to 6 Rays at a time, 3 mid size and 3 very large Mantas. We also saw quite few sharks, including some Greys, which can be a bit aggressive, but no one had any problems and they do not bite, but can be a bit intimidating.
We ate very well there, as we traded some beer for large Rainbow Runner fish, The going rate with the wardens was 3 beers for one fish, however as the fish normally did us 2 nights and usually a lunch as well, it was a good deal.
We left Suwarrow on Friday 23rd, heading for Tonga, 720 miles and we are now on day 2. The wind is very light and we have been motor-sailing for 27 hours. We expect the wind to pick up a bit later today, but the forecast shows just a couple of days of decent wind and then it dies again. We have plenty of diesel, so it is not a problem for us, but it will be nice to shut off the engine for a while.
We expect to arrive in Tonga on Thursday or Friday and this takes account of losing a day as Tonga is a day ahead of the Cook Islands.
ps the email system is messing up the Lat/Long position when I send the email, which is why the map looks strange. I will correct it when I have internet access.
Cheers D&S