David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 23 Jul 2016 03:15

17.30.22S   149.49.31W

We moved round to Opunohu Bay on Moorea Tuesday 5th July and anchored at the head of the bay, rather than inside the reef as it was crowded with other boats.


The bay after a shower.


From the anchorage we could walk ashore and up the bay to the village or take the dinghy there. It had 3 small supermarkets and the all important post office, as this gave us internet access. We are still using the 16€ Vinispot internet card we bought in the Marquesas over 3 months ago. It was supposed to be for 5 hours and up to 3 months, but it keeps refreshing and is still giving free internet access. Chevaldy has the same magic card.

We got our bikes out and cycled up both sides of the bay and also along the top of Moorea. After about a week, once the weather improved, we took the dinghy round the top of the bay to a site famous for its Ray and Sharks. We got there fairly early to avoid the tour boats and had a great time swimming with the Sting Rays and Sharks and feeding the Rays. We didn’t feed the Sharks, but some others did and it was a bit scary when they went into a feeding frenzy.


The sharks came right through the area with the people.



The Rays brushed against people and they / we were a bit nervous to start with.



This is Sabine feeding one of the Rays, they have had gristle in their mouths that feel like teeth.



This is me snorkelling over some Sharks – a big change from 2010 when I wouldn’t get in the water!



Some of the Sting Rays were really large.



There were lots of Sharks about, much more than in 2010, when they tended just to swim round the edge.



There were of course some other fish about, like this lovely Trigger fish.


On the way back to the boat we visited a site where they had put some Tiki carvings in the water.





On one of the other days we went for a 7-8 km walk up to a lookout area called Belvidere Estate. We walked up a trail through Pineapple fields and forest and past some Marie sites. These are sacred sites where in the past they made sacrifices to the gods.


The problem with landing the dinghy on the beach is having to clean your feet before putting on walking shoes.



At the start of the walk there is a helpful plan of the various walks you can do.



Pineapple plants.



One of the Marie sites.



Our walking poles help save the knees, particularly on the steep bits.



One of the more interesting flowers Susan photographed. There were hundreds!



Looking down from Belvidere to Oponuha Bay on the left and Cooks Bay on the right.



A rare photo of Susan.


On another day Susan and Sabine set off on their own to take busses round Moorea, Sean and I were busy with jobs on our boats. They found however that there weren’t any regular buses and they decided to Hitch Hike. They managed to get all the way round on a total of 7 separate lifts, which definitely wouldn’t have happened if there were 4 of us. One of the more interesting experiences was at a Tiki site where they came upon a wedding ceremony, which they were invited to join.



The happy couple.



The ceremony.



One of the dancers.



Another dancer.

We had a really nice time in Moorea and stayed until 16th July, when we left for Huahine – see the next blog.