Oa Pou to Tuamotus 03/05

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Wed 4 May 2016 01:19
We left Nuku Hiva on Friday 29th April and sailed 25 miles across to the harbour on Oa Pou. The harbour is quite small and yachts have to put out a stern anchor to fit in. Sean & Sabine, on Chevaldy, felt this was too much trouble for them so they went to the next bay along and had a very rolly night. We found a nice space and has a very peaceful night. The views were spectacular with the very pinacled rocks towering above us (pics to follow when we have internet).
We stayed in Oa Pou until Sunday 1st May and Susan thought the village was very nice, one of the nicest in the Marquesas. I didn’t go ashore as unfortunately there had been a couple reports of boats having their dinghies damaged when left at the quay. We left on Sunday morning and after 2-3 hours of motor-sailing down the East side of the island, we had enough wind to be able to sail. We were even treated to a dolphin farewell to the Marquesas with some jumping 8-10 ft in the air.
We had good sailing from Sunday noon until Tuesday lunch time when the wind died to 5-6 knots and we had to start motor-sailing. The forecast is for very light winds for the next few days so we may have to continue with the engine on until we arrive on Thursday lunch time. We are headed for an atoll called Kauehi, which is a fairly easy atol to get into and is supposed to be very nice. It is also well positioned to then head across the various atolls from Fakarava to Rangaroa. We are looking forward to spending 6-8 weeks in the Tuamotus as this is one of the key areas we always said we had to come back to.
We are motor-sailing slowly at 4.5 knots as this will get us to Kauehi at about noon on Thursday which should be slack water for entering the lagoon. The sun is shining and all is well. we have Kangaroo steak for tonight’s dinner, so even the food should be great. Unfortunately we won’t have a nice wine with the steak, as we are TT on passage, but we will have another party when we arrive as Chevaldy will already be there.


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