To Marquesas 1700 gmt 08/04

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Fri 8 Apr 2016 18:39
It’s now 0900 local Marquesas time (-9.5hrs GMT) and we are just 173 nm to go. We have completed 3817 nm and expect to arrive tomorrow late afternoon. This will be 4 weeks and a few hours since leaving the Las Perlas Islands.
We expect to do quite a bit of motor-sailing over the next 30 hours in order to arrive before dark. The winds are very changeable and we are having to change the sail plan quite a lot. Earlier this morning we were sailing ok with twin headsails with an E wind, then we were hit with a number of squalls which have strong winds and very heavy rain – a torrential downpour. The wind shifted round to the NE and has largely stayed there. We have had to change to using 1 headsail and the main, but how long it will last in this direction is anyone’s guess – it certainly wasn’t shown in the weather GRIB files.
Susan always seems to be on shift when squalls hit, but she just laughs when I poke my head up to ask if she is ok. I don’t usually get wet, but my sleep is interrupted as I occasionally need to help change the sails.
We are looking forward to a Saturday night celebration and then a full nights sleep on a relatively level bed. On Sunday we will start exploring Hiva Ou, which we did not visit in 2010.
All well & spirit high.


D & S