The Marquesas - Nuku Hiva

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Fri 29 Apr 2016 00:30
08.54.98N 140.05.91W

We spent a few days in Taiohae Bay on Nuka Hiva doing a bit of provisioning and a few jobs. One of the key jobs was refuelling, which we did as a group with Chevaldy and Temptress, using Temptresses paper work so that we got duty free prices, which meant 60 Polynesian Franks instead of 130 Franks full price. There is about 150 Franks to the pound, so the diesel cost about 40p per litre, plus a share of the cost of the paperwork (£90 total).



Taiohae Bay with the dramatic hills in the background.

On Saturday 23rd a group of us travelled 6 miles along the coast to ‘Daniels Bay’ (Taioa Bay & Hakatea Cove) for a BBQ and to do a walk to a large waterfall. This bay is spectacular, both for the entrance, which is hidden until the last minute and the beautiful scenery once in the bay. Our group consisted of 6 boats, Chevaldy (Sean & Sabine – Irish/German), who we have been travelling with, most of the time, from Grenada, Temptress (Kevin & Susie – English), who we met in Hiva Oa, Doritito (Riener - German), who is a friend of Chevaldy, Haven (Bruce & Kerry – Aussie), who we met in Panama & Usquabae (Chris & Francis – Yorkshire / Scottish), who we met in Nuka Hiva.

We had a fantastic BBQ, but had of course a little sadness as the last time we were here Bob & Phyllis, who were killed by the pirates, were prominent participants, but they would have fully approved and enjoyed it.

Sean & Sabine once again provided the music and we were joined by a local, Paul, whose family owns the ground in the bay and whose uncle owns the house in the hill overlooking the bay. Paul enjoyed some of my beer and definitely the music. He has a large plantation just over the hill from the bay and exports much of the produce to Tahiti and Bora Bora.



Chevaldy on the way to Daniels bay.



Enjoying a beer on our seats at the BBQ site.



Looking out at the boats & entrance. Note the artistic work on our dinghy engine!



The group posing during a break from the music. Note Paul at the back.



Danial’s Bay at sunrise.

On Sunday morning 6 of the group got up at sunrise to go on the 2.5 hour hike up to a very large waterfall. The hike included crossing a river several times and was fairly strenuous/long. As I was still recovering from an infected foot I had to miss out, but Susan took part.



Looking across the bay from the trail.


The river which they had to wade across.



A carving at a house they passed.



The top of the waterfall. There wasn’t unfortunately anywhere that you could see the complete waterfall.



Kevin, Sabine, Kerry & Susie doing one of the crossings.



Part of the intrepid group, Bruce was taking the picture.

We came back to Taiohae bay after 3 great days in Daniels Bay to do some provisioning and get 2 of our Gas bottles refilled. We will leave tomorrow Friday to go to Ua Pou for a couple of nights before setting off for the Tuamotus – a 4 day crossing.

We would have liked to stay another week in the Marquesas, and go to Anaho Bay in the north, but there is a weather window early next week for the Tuamotus crossing and as the wind has been very light for the past month we don’t want to miss it and end up motoring for 500 miles.