To Marquesas 1700 gmt 02/04

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 2 Apr 2016 16:30
We are entering the final phase with 1000 nm to go, we have done 320 miles over the last 48 hrs, so if we keep up a reasonable speed we should get there next Saturday. This would be excellent speed with just 4 weeks for 4000 nm.
The sun is shining and we are doing 6.5-7kn, so although it is quite boisterous, it is good sailing and the spirits are high. We are making water again and should have full tanks by the end of today. We had a nice fresh Dorado on Thursday night, although it wasn’t very large. Susan cooked it then added a tin of Chunky fish soup, which gave a creamy white sauce – very nice. Yesterday we lost a second fishing lure when one of the fittings broke, while under strain – we don’t know what was on the end, but the fitting shouldn’t have broken.
I have been checking on the status of our stern anchor, chain and warp. It is quite tight in the Hiva Ou anchorage and can also be a bit rolly, so boats tend to put out a stern anchor, as well as the bow ancho,r to keep the boat facing perpendicular to the swell. I have also been looking out the champagne ready to put in the fridge for our arrival!!!


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