Marquesas, Hiva Oa 10/04

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 10 Apr 2016 21:23
We arrived in Hiva Oa at 2.0pm yesterday (Saturday) after 24 hours motoring with very light winds. It was a fairly action packed day, starting at 7.30 when Susan woke me to say we had our dinner on the fishing line. It took me an hour to land the Tuna as it was pretty big and was fighting a lot. I’ll post a picture once we can organise internet access.
After breakfast we started to get ready for arrival, setting up our stern anchor etc., no time for our usual snoozing. We entered the lovely harbour and found a space right next to Chevaldy and as it turned out didn’t need to put out the stern anchor as neither of the boats next to us had stern anchors out. As soon as we had anchored Sean & Sabine came on board and we started the celebration with 2 bottles of sparking wine. Susan had filleted the Tuna and it was clear there was enough for at least 6 people so we contacted a boat called Temptress, Kevin & Susie, who we had met in Panama, to invite them for dinner. We had an hour to ourselves to have a shower and the the party started. Susan had marinated some of the Tuna (Ceviche) and baked the rest, It was delicious and there was still some for both Temptress and Chevaldy to take some home fro today. I have to admit that I have no recollection of the last hour and Susan had to help me to bed. This was obviously partly due to only having about 4 hours sleep on Friday night and no alcohol for 4 weeks. I was apparently serving Rusty Nails at the end of the night – lethal !!
We now have the task of cleaning the boat bottom which has gathered an amazing amount of mussels and growth, but that will wait until we take time to appreciate the beautiful scenery, it really is quite spectacular.


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