To Marquesas 1700 gmt 31/03

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Thu 31 Mar 2016 17:00
We are now 2/3rds the way to the Marquesas and despite having 1340 nm to go it feels like we are almost there. Chevaldy (Sean & Sabine), Amarula (Eric & Lynne) and Haven (Bruce & Kerry) are all on their way to Hiva Ou in the Marquesas Island, which is also where we are headed, so we are looking forward to a nice party. There are also a few other boats, registered for the ‘Puddle Jump’ on the way from Galapagos, so it should be quite festive. The Puddle Jump is an informal ‘rally’ of boats who register with the Latitude Magazine. It doesn’t cost anything and boats tend to keep in touch with Puddle Jump boats crossing at the same time.
We will be looking to make more water over the next week, so that we arrive with full tanks and also over 100 ltr of drinking water for Chevaldy, who do not have a watermaker. Some of the islands have water taps on the dock, but often it is not drinking water. Chevaldy will arrive 4-5 days before us. They left 15 days before us, but they are a much smaller boat and they have had to travel further as they have not had such favourable winds.
Tuesday and Wednesday were very frustrating with very light winds and we had to motorsail a lot of the time. Yesterday evening however the wind picked up and we had a really good sail overnight and it has carried into today. We have had winds up to about 27 knots in either a broad or beam reach and have averaged over 6.5 knots. The good winds are forecast to remain for the next few days, so we are looking forward to getting back to good progress and no motoring – time will tell.


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