To Marquesas 1700 gmt 27/03

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 27 Mar 2016 17:11
Another 2 days of good progress, 308 miles, not quite as much as the previous 2 days due to light winds yesterday. The wind however picked up overnight and this has continued into today and we have sunshine. We are therefore making water as we have lots of power from our solar panels, 20-30 amps.
We had yet another fish get off the hook yesterday, so we are using a new lure today.
You might ask ‘what do they do on shift overnight?’, we do 3 hours on & 3 hours off. Well we have a number of activities:
- The highest priority is to manage the boat, this involves
    - doing an all round check every 10-15 minutes for other shipping, note that we haven’t seen any other boats for over a week
    - making sure the sails are balanced and safe, we don’t want them destroyed with flogging, or too much leaning over.
    - keeping the batteries sufficiently topped up
    - etc
- Reading our Kindles, we have about 300 books, we have purchased and we have over 1000 we have copies of from other people. Many of the books we have from elsewhere are Sci-Fi or Fantasy or other genres we are not interested in, but there are also a lot we will read. It is a good way of sampling books from authors we probably wouldn’t buy.
- Watching and learning about the stars. We have an application on our Ipads called Night Sky, which uses the built in GPS on my new Ipad to know where we are located and it then shows exactly what we should see at any time, including what is below the horizon, but may appear later. We had our bimini altered in Turkey so that the back of the bimini folds forward and we can then sit/lie at the back of the cockpit and look up at the stars, without having to go out of the cockpit, which we don’t allow if we are on shift on our own. The Ipad app helps us to see and identify lots of constellations, stars and planets, which we couldn’t otherwise.
Well enough of the bullshit I think I have a toilet to fix!!!


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