To Marquesas 1600 gmt 23/03

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Wed 23 Mar 2016 17:49
06.34.81S 96.16.89W
Now over 1/3rd there with over 280 miles in last 48 hours. It has been wild, windy and very wet, We have had some thunder & lightening and at times the sailing has been fast & furious – up to 8 knots!
The Windpilot hasn’t been able to cope with the constant gusts and fairly big seas, so we have been running the autopilot along with the Windpilot for the last 2 days. We have found the running the engine in neutral at 1000 revs charges up the batteries and 2-3 hours per day is enough to run the autopilot and all the instruments. There has been complete cloud cover so we have got very little from the solar panels, but the wind generator has contributed quite a bit. The sun is trying to break through today so the solar p’s are doing better – 11 amps at present 11.30 local time.
Even with the bouncy passage over the past 2 days Susan has managed to bake a bread and also blueberry muffins, which are a real treat for breakfast.
The engine starting problem has gone away for present, so that is good news. We are just keeping an eye on it at present. Our fuel and water gauges don’t like the constant leaning over to one side, we have been at 10-20 degrees to starboard for a week now, so we don’t get a reliable reading and have to guess how much fuel we have in the tanks.
All is well and although the cloud & rain has been frustrating, we look at our speed and are cheered up by our progress.


D & S