To Marquesas 1700 gmt 21/03

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Mon 21 Mar 2016 18:12
05.25.55S 91.43.56W
Mixture of sailing and motoring for past 2 days and quite a bit of rain. You normally get squally showers as you move into the trade winds which we believe we did in the early hours this morning. The wind strength is still a bit variable, but we have now turned a bit more west ~250 deg.
yesterday morning we caught a tuna at about dawn, then the rain came for an hour then it dried and 20-30 dolphins came to play for 30 minutes. Then the wind picked up and the rain started again and we put up the sails and was doing 7-7.5 knots for about 30 mins. All before 8.0 a.m. local time. When I say we did this, you guessed it, it was all Susan, I was still in my kip! What a woman!!
We had caught a reasonable sized tuna on Saturday but we got it to within 30 meters of the boat and it managed to escape, probably with a very cut mouth.
We enjoyed our fresh tuna last night and hope to repeat the experience as regularly as possible. I have now rigged up our second Sea Fishing rod to increase our chances.
We have had a repeat of the engine starting problem and I have concluded that the problem is a clogged filter.
It is a bit disappointing
as I fitted an expensive Racor filter with a vacuum gauge which is supposed to tell me when a filter needs changing, but there is no indication of this. Peter on Peregrina said that his vacuum gauge is also useless. Oh well a little job for this afternoon, it will be a challenge in rolly seas.


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