To Marquesas 1100 19/03

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 19 Mar 2016 16:14
02.20.18S 88.12.65W
We are now back in the South Pacific, we crossed the equator on Thursday night, but no celebrations due to the late hour, we have now done 880 miles. We have just passed SE of the Galapagos and are sailing along nicely. We have had much more wind in the ‘doldrums’ than expected and have managed to sail both the last 2 days, then motored overnight when the wind has died. We are therefore doing very well with relatively light diesel usage, so far.
We had a tiny amount of rain this morning and this is the first since we arrived in the Pacific, luckily our watermaker is working fine so we don’t have to worry about catching rainwater. We can even use our shower on deck at the back of the boat – it is one of the many challenges to shower at 20 deg angle bouncing along in the waves. The answer is not to use too much shower gel or you might slide off the boat!! (ok, too much information!!).
Still no fish, so our diet is sometimes interesting, but we have loads of tins, pasta & rice and still have fresh fruit.
After a very relaxing day yesterday, we had a slight panic last night when we tried to start the engine. It wouldn’t start and we had to remove lots of boxes etc to get into the engine. The problem was a sticky engine stop cable, so pretty easy to fix once we saw the problem. So far, touch wood, we have had relatively few problems/breakages. The lock to one of the doors to the heads has broken, but that is about it – I hope I am not tempting fate!


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