Trip to marquesas 1100 17/03

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David & Susan Simpson
Thu 17 Mar 2016 16:26
It’s St Patrick’s Day, last year we arrived in Monserrat and went ashore to join the large celebrations. This year we are approaching the equator once again, however it won’t be nearly as interesting as in 2010, as it will be very late at night and in the dark, but more importantly we won’t be sailing alongside and celebrating with Lucy Alice and Camomile. No dressing up this time, but we might have a wee celebration if the weather is still benign.
We have now done 640 miles, with most of that being under sail. The next 400 miles are however likely to be motor-sailing as we will have very light winds and not enough even to sail with the cruising chute. This was as expected and was why we set off with 15 jerry cans as well as our 550L in the tanks.
On Wednesday we had a very nice sail with the cruising chute up all day. We did consider carrying on with it overnight, but decided it was too risky, partly as it was the first time we had used it for several years and wasn’t sure the snuffer sock would work properly. It did work ok, but it was just as well we took it down as shortly after the wind picked up and changed direction.
We have been putting out the fishing line every day, but so far no takers. I am trying a different lure today and hoping we have better luck, although a bit more knowledge would help as well.


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