Trip to marquesas 1500 15/03

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 15 Mar 2016 20:15
Well here we are on day 4, well into our long distance sailing routine. This trip is a bit different from most others, not only because it is far longer than any we have done before (4200 miles), but because the main areas where we expect no wind is in the first 1000 miles. This means that we have to be careful and use our diesel sparingly so that we are sure we have enough for the rest of the trip. We are therefore sometimes sailing at a speed, e.g. 3 knots where we would usually turn on the engine and also when we are motoring we are doing 1500 revs, which gives us 4+ knots rather than our usual 2000 – 2500 revs, which gives us 6-7 knots. we believe that 1500 revs is the most economical speed for the current conditions.
The above means that we may take 6 weeks rather than the expected 5, but then what is the hurry! We currently have the cruising chute up and are doing 3 – 5.5 knots in very light variable wind, but we are not using diesel so that is good. We have done about 410 miles, which is a pretty good average and we have had the engine on for 18 hrs so far.
All is well on board and we are repeating the mantra Patience, Patience!!!


D & S