Trip to marquesas 1300 13/03

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 13 Mar 2016 18:28
06.33.01N 80.32.27W
We left the Las Perlas Islands just before 9.0am on Saturday 12th. We had a mixture of sailing, motor-sailing and motoring for the first 7 hours until we got to the bottom of las Perlas, then the North wind picked up and we have been sailing since then. We completed 140 miles in the first 24 hours and have been averaging 6 knots since 9 this morning. It was boisterous yesterday evening, but is very gentle sailing today so far.
We had the pleasure of seeing a pod of dolphins yesterday, about 30-40, but they were too busy hunting to play with the boat. We also saw quite a number of rays jumping out of the water, but we don’t know what was chasing them.
We are currently sailing with our downwind rig, i.e. the twin headsails poled out and hope to continue this until Wednesday/Thursday when we expect to lose the wind and then we will motor South until we get the trade winds at about 5-6 deg South of the equator.
All is well on board and we are settling in to life at sea again.


D & S