Bocas Del Toro & new Year’s Cele brations

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David & Susan Simpson
Fri 1 Jan 2016 23:24

09.20.58N 82.14.33W


Bocas Del Toro



Peregrina anchored beside us off Bocas town in Bocas Del Toro. Amazing to meet up again with Peter & Margie, it was August 2010 when we were last together in Mackay in Australia. We were on Peregrina for sundowners along with their friends from a boat called Peregrine, Joe and Michelle. Joe and Michelle are also heading through the canal and across the Pacific, so there was lots to talk about, both reminiscing and looking forward to 2016.


After sundowners, margaritas and champagne, at about 10.30 Peter & Margie and ourselves went ashore to try to find some dinner and to watch the fireworks. We had lost track of the time so dinner consisted of street food on skewers with some beers, but it was really nice and fit with the slightly wild atmosphere. At 12.0 the fireworks really started and lasted for over 75 minutes. The Chinese supermarkets compete vigorously to have the best display and it is spectacular. They set off huge boxes that have displays built in, which they carry to the middle of the street in front of their supermarket. It all looks very dangerous and the noise and smoke is intense, which all adds to the atmosphere. It was a fantastic way to bring in the new year, but I hadn’t had a proper Hogmanay drink until I got back to Enchantress at 2.30 am, when I managed a wee dram before collapsing in bed. Bearing in mind we had sailed through the previous night we were surprised to make it until that time.


The following pics give some idea of the fireworks but cannot do it anything like justice.











Some of the fireworks boxes burning down outside one of the supermarkets.


Well it is 2016 and Happy New Year to all family & friends!!!


We have lots planned with Peter & Margie over the next couple of weeks and lots to look forward to so hopefully lots to report in 2016.