David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 22 Aug 2015 21:21

12.02.40N 61.45.37W


We are still in the south of Grenada, however we have moved to a mooring in Hog Island Bay. The mooring belongs to friends on Freya of Clyde and they have sailed down to Trinidad and plan to do a rally to Guyana and Surinam. We are looking after the mooring until we head off to the ABC Islands.


The mooring at Hog Island is in a very sheltered spot and we don’t get any swell, but it is much busier than our previous anchorage, with quite a lot of dinghies passing very quickly past the boat.




The entrance to Hog Bay.



Looking across at Hog Island.



My swimming beach!



Looking through to the bridge leading to our last anchorage.


Susan went back to Aberdeen on 28th July for a month to see her family and to check out our house, where the tenant moved out after his contract with Wood Group was terminated. Luckily the house is in pretty good shape with only a few minor issues. She will be coming back home to the boat on 29th August, so only a week to go. She will of course be coming with 2 full cases of boat gear and her new Scuba diving gear.


While Susan has been busy in Aberdeen I have been concentrating on a few boat jobs and progressing with my swimming. I go most mornings to the beach on Hog Island and do circuits between 2 boats near the beach. The distance from the back of one boat to the front of the second boat is I estimate 50 metres. I started off doing a couple of lengths or 1 circuit, but I have just managed in the past couple of days to move up to 5 circuits, i.e. 500m, without stopping. It takes me about an hour. I wear a buoyancy vest, which is cut away at the shoulders to make it suitable for swimming/snorkelling. This gives me confidence that I can cope with dinghies going past and I can just rest if I get cramp etc. It also probably helps me swim further as I do not have to spend much energy staying afloat. Once Susan gets back I will switch to practice snorkelling, she is bringing out a prescription mask so I can see properly, which should help.


I had a very unusual experience a week ago at a dinghy concert. In one of the bays the organisers had a tug with 2 barges tied alongside. The Tug had a platform where a band way playing and the barges had some seating arranged. Cruisers then gathered in their dinghies, tied up to the barges, and enjoyed refreshments while listening to the music. Inevitably some people went a bit wild after a few beers etc. and ended up in the water. It was however really good fun.




Relaxing with Michael & Jane from YOLO and Sue who has a house near our last anchorage.



Lots of people dancing in their dinghies!



Enjoying a drink or two with Michael & Sue.


We are also planning to go up to Carricou, with Michael & Jane off a boat called YOLO (You Only Live Once), for a weekend and will probably do some snorkelling and Susan, Michael and Jane may also go for a dive. Michael & Jane are fairly new to sailing so they are keen to do a bit of sailing with relatively experienced sailors.


It’s a tough life in paradise!!