Martinique, St Lucia & St Vincent

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sun 3 May 2015 23:40

13.07.63N 61.11.54W


Apologies for the delay in providing this blog, I’ll try to do better.


On Sunday 5th April we moved down the coast from St Pierre on Martinique to a bay opposite the Capital city Fort-de-France (FdF) and then on Tuesday we moved to the main anchorage at FdF so we could do some provisioning. We stayed there for 5 days and enjoyed exploring the city as well as travelling in the bus to the out of town large supermarkets.



The famous old Library building in FdF.



One of the churches.



The town hall.


m_IMG_1888A museum with one of tourist buggies with a guide.



The cathedral.



FdF from the anchorage.



The FdF anchorage with the old fort in the background.


On Monday 13th we motored round to a bay called Grand Anse D’Arlet and picked up a mooring. We then went ashore and as usual were totally unprepared for walking/hiking, but we found a trail which took us through woodland and over to the next bay Anse D’Arlet, it must have been a good couple of miles.



Looking down to Anse D’Arlett



Grand Anse D’Arlett


We decided we liked the look of the moorings in this bay, so we made our way back to the boat and moved round the headland. In fact it was quite bouncy on the mooring so we left early on the Tuesday morning for St Annes Bay at Le Marin. Arriving at St Annes and going in the dinghy to Le Marin was a total culture shock. There must have been well over a hundred boats anchored in the St Annes Bay, however in the Le Marin inlet there must have been a couple of thousand yachts either anchored, on moorings or in the marina.



It is difficult to capture the huge number of yachts here.



Part of the anchorage at St Annes



When we take the dinghy ashore we lock it to the pontoon with chain so that it can’t be stolen – a problem in the Caribbean.


We stayed at St Annes until Monday 20th, doing some more provisioning and visiting the chandleries for some spares. We sailed down to Rodney Bay on Monday and had a really good and fast passage to St Lucia. We anchored in the Bay and went into the Marina to book into Customs etc. The process wasn’t too bad, but having to go to once again visit the Customs Officer, the Immigration Office and the Port Authority, after just using an internet café in the French Islands, was a bit painful.



A much decorated dinghy in Rodney Bay, which delivers fruit & Veg to the boats.



One of the fish that feeds off the growth on the bottom of boats.


On Thursday morning we agreed with Neil & Ailie (my son & d-i-l), that we would sail down to the Bay off their 5* hotel and pick them up for lunch on the boat.  After a hic-cup of going to the wrong bay, we managed to anchor in the correct bay, it was very shallow with reefs, so we had to be very careful. Sod’s law however intervened and we found that we couldn’t get the outboard motor to start and we had to give up and go back to Rodney Bay. We went into the marina and Neil & Ailie came up by taxi to join us enjoy a bottle of Champagne. They came back on Saturday for dinner on the boat and on Monday (27th), having had the outboard engine fixed we went to the bay off their hotel and picked them up.



Neil & Ailie's hotel.



A welcome ashore.


This time all went well and we had a nice sail for a few miles and anchored in a little bay so they could do some snorkelling and have lunch. We were the only boat there and it was really nice. After taking them back to the hotel they asked if we could do it again on Tuesday. This time we went a bit further down the coast to Cochon Bay, which had much better snorkelling and we also had a really good sail down to the bay. It was another really nice day.



Ailie enjoying sailing the boat.



Neil & Ailie in our secluded lunch stop.


On Thursday we sailed back to the hotel bay and went ashore for lunch and to say farewell as it was Neil & Ailie's last day of their holiday.



The infinity pool at Neil & Ailie’s hotel.



It was great to meet up with Neil & Ailie.


We left St Lucia on Saturday 2nd May and sailed down past the famous Piton mountains. We had a really good sail again down to Wallalouba Bay in St Vincent and picked up a mooring off Rock Café. We did have a bit of hassle with one of the local ‘boat boys’ but nothing serious. We went ashore in the evening for dinner at the Rock Café and Rose, the proprietor, served an excellent meal with lovely Mahi-Mahi for the main course. Definitely one of the best meals we have had in the Caribbean – and the cost of the mooring is thrown in.



Caribbean sailing!!



The Pitons.



The wonderful Rock Café.


We motored round the coast this morning (Sunday) to the Blue Lagoon at the bottom of St Vincent. The tide was low so there was not enough depth for us to go through the normal entrance to the reef. We had to use a local guide in his dinghy to lead us through an unmarked entrance, which we were charged rather a lot for. We are now safely on one of the moorings however it is quite rolly as the wind is quite strong and there is a swell getting over the reef. We plan to stay a couple of days, but we will see how comfortable we are overnight.