Trip to San Blas - 4

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David & Susan Simpson
Sat 12 Dec 2015 14:32
09.34.99N 78.40.40W
We arrived in paradise (San Blas) at 11.0 am on Friday morning. We motorsailed through Thursday and the night, doing about 7 knots, and were treated to a show from a large pod of dolphins and a very starry night. In the morning we found that the large Genoa had split down the leach, due to flogging in light winds. The repair will have to wait until Panama, where hopefully we can find a decent sailmaker.
We anchored in a bay at Bandup Island, part of the East Holandes Cays, which is the furthest out and East part of the San Blas Islands. The island and most other small islands around here are deserted islands, they are sandy islands with lots of palm trees, very idyllic. We anchored close to Shaun & Sabine on Chivaldy, so had a nice welcome and there are only 4 boats in the whole bay, so it is pretty quiet.. Yesterday afternoon we swam to the beach, a couple of hundred yards and back and then to Chivaldy. It is like a very large swimming pool with very, very warm calm and clear water. This is why I wanted to celebrate my big birthday here.
The only downside to being so remote is that there is no cell phone access and therefore no internet, although confusingly we found last night that sometimes Susan’s Kindle found a 3G signal and I managed to order and download a few books. A local came to us to collect the 10 USD anchor fee, which covers a full month and asked if we could charge his daughter’s phone. We did this for him and noted that her phone did not have a signal and neither did Susan’s or mine !!!
Our view this morning.



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