David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Wed 25 Nov 2015 14:56

12.09.25N 68.16.75W


We arrived in Bonaire just after dawn on Saturday 21st November. The crossing from Grenada was mainly in very light winds and we motor-sailed a lot of the way. This had been the forecast and was a bit disappointing, however it was good to be underway again.


We were very lucky when we arrived as a catamaran was just leaving one of the mooring buoys and nearly all the buoys were taken. Shaun & Sabine on Chivaldy, who arrived at the same time were also lucky and managed to find a mooring. You are not allowed to anchor anywhere in Bonaire, as it is classed as a marine park and if there are no moorings available you either have to go in the marina or leave the island.


It is really nice being back in Bonaire, with the crystal clear water and huge variety of colourful fish. We even had a marine visitor yesterday!



An Iguana came to visit.



Susan gave our visitor some breakfast.


Susan has signed up for the advanced open water dive course, so will be busy for the next few days with the 5 dives involved, including a night dive.


I am in the meantime doing some snorkelling with Shaun and Sabine from Chivaldy. I am trying do some underwater photography, with limited success so far.



Shaun trying to tickle one of the fish.



One of the few I managed to get close enough to.



Another small success – I will keep practicing.