Into the Ionian

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 6 Sep 2014 15:15

38.08.63N 20.47.35E


We got up at 6am on Wednesday (3rd Sept) and caught the bus from Galixidia to Delphi. We got there before the crowds and really enjoyed the ruins which were very well presented. It was quite a long day and involved considerable walking , but worth it.


One of the ‘Treasury’ buildings


The amphitheatre.


The games stadium.

We quite enjoyed our stay in Galixidia, but for the noise from a bar and the annoying town drunk.


Galixidia Harbour.


Part of the nautical theme on one of the buildings.

On Thursday we motored to Patras (30 miles), the 3rd largest town in Greece and berthed next to another Scottish boat (Ocean Safari), an Oyster 35, with Colin and Maggie on board from close to Auchenblae. We had a really enjoyable couple of nights socialising with them and found out that Susan knew their daughter Karen who is a nurse at ARI – yet again it is a small world.

We did lots of shopping at the Lidl and Carrefour supermarkets and some sightseeing – particularly St Andrew’s Church which is the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans.


We are now (Sat 6th) in a bay at Poros on Kefallinia. We arrived after 45 miles motoring in bright sunshine with absolutely no wind and anchored under a great black cloud and the heavens opened.


It is however quite pretty when the sun is out. We will spend the next few days travelling round Kefallinia.