Trip to Sardinia

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Mon 22 Sep 2014 15:56

39.11.69N 09.09.91E


Sorry no Pictures.


On Wednesday we set went to Sciacca and initially anchored outside the marina, however the wind picked in the afternoon, much more than forecast and we decided to be prudent and went in to the marina. It was pretty basic and the area round the harbour was not very inviting.

On Thursday we left to go to Marsala on the West coast of Sicily, however the wind was so favourable and the sailing so good we decided to carry on to Sardinia. In the early afternoon the wind again picked up quite a lot and after checking the forecast again for Friday we changed our mind again and headed to Marsala. By the time we got there we had about 27-30 knots of wind, blowing straight into the harbour entrance. We however managed to get into a berth without too much trouble, but the marina was in very poor condition and the facilities were terrible, considering they were charging €40 per night. We stayed for 2 nights and quite enjoyed the old town, which has marble paved streets and lots of nice architecture. We managed to top up with diesel for €1.70, which was pretty good for Sicily.


We were of course able to log on to the internet on Friday morning to get the referendum results. We obviously celebrated on Friday night!!!


On Saturday morning we set off with a really good breeze and had a great sail until 4.0pm. The wind then died and we started motor sailing. Our problems started at about 8.0pm when our engine just cut out. It restarted ok, but only lasted a couple of hours. It was clear we had a fuel problem. The wind had picked up a bit so we decided to sail on and change the filters in the morning. At about 2.0 am, with no wind I decided to change the fuel filters. I discovered I had forgot to buy a batch of the Yanmar fuel filters!!! I changed the primary filter, and it was totally clogged up with diesel bug, and I took off the engine fuel filter and gave it a clean and shake.

The engine still did not start and I found that the exit tube from the fuel tank was gunged up and I couldn.t clear it, either by poking or blowing down the pipe. I then tried a trick which David on Angel told me about and I fed a pipe from a Jerry Can to the fuel filter and I managed to get the engine running. We quickly used up the fuel in the Jerry Can and we only had 2 full ones, but we managed to sail and motor sail through the night.


At about 6.0am I changed some pipes around and manage with some spares to link the tank outlet for the Generator to the engine filter and got the engine back up and working properly. We then manage to get to Sardinia without more hassle, although we were always on edge in case the second tank outlet bunged up.

We anchored in a very nice bay on the SE coast of Sardinia and relaxed and had one or two strong drinks!! Today we motored round to anchor just off Cagliari, a sizable town and hopefully with a chandlery that will sell Yanmar filters.


We have a challenge now to clean the fuel and the tanks and come up with a mechanism that will make it easier to cope with dirty fuel in the future. I intend having a system which can take fuel from each of our 3 tanks without being too complicated.


There is always some satisfaction when you have overcome and coped with major problems! I might have another wee dram tonight though.