The Greek Odyssey has begun

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Mon 11 Aug 2014 10:43

36.53.72N 27.17.38E


We are now in Kos old harbour. We went from Simi to Knidos in Turkey, which is the site of fairly extensive ruins, although a bit too dilapidated to be really interesting. We had a pretty rough passage with sustained gusts in the high 20’s right on our nose. We spent 2 nights there with the Meltemi blowing quite hard from the direction up to Kos, however we then had a really nice sail yesterday and anchored in a sheltered bay just along from Bodrum in Turkey and just 5 miles from Kos town. We had a lovely quiet night looking across to Kos and a short trip this morning.


We managed to get into the old harbour and are berthed at the relatively quiet harbour/castle wall. Peter and Alison will be arriving early tomorrow on the ferry from Athens.