Squalls and Torrential Rain

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 9 Dec 2014 14:27
18.09.81N 50.06.19W

We continued to have great sailing on Sunday afternoon and especially overnight. We did a bit of a dogleg as we were being pushed too far north and changed the sail plan late afternoon to allow us to head more South. This change also took account of the grib files, which now forecast stronger winds for the next few days, a bit more than we want in the north.


At 2.0am on Monday I came on shift, we were sailing at 6-7 knots, Oscar was doing all the steering and there was almost a full moon in a nice sky for a change – what’s not to enjoy. This is what you look forward to when you set off.


Around 8.0 am on Monday morning we had a big squall and had continual squalls and sometimes torrential rain for the next 24 hours. The worst rain always seems to happen when Susan is at the wheel. We had to laugh at the photo of Susan with full oilies, drenched through with the rain bouncing off the deck and sea. We now have largely blue skies and sunshine and both we and the boat is drying out.


We have managed to continue sailing with Oscar steering most of the last 2 days, although we had to take down the sails and motor for an hour or two during one particularly large squall where the wind was veering all over the place.


We are now over ¾ of the way there with under 700 miles to go, we expect to arrive on Sunday evening, giving a 20 day passage – pretty good for Enchantress. We still have 570 litres of diesel and we expect to get there without having to transfer the diesel from the jerry cans.


We are not really fixated with getting to Antigua, but when you have had 24 hours of rain / squalls and many days with complete cloud cover it does detract from the pleasure of largely good sailing. We have a number of times been reminded of the not so good days sailing in the Clyde or on the West Coast.


UPDATE: Within the time it has taken me to type this blog, the sky has clouded over and we have another squall hitting us. Susan is of course at the wheel and ready for another drenching.


We are beginning to think we may have to ditch the plaque we got from Jackie (Susan’s sister) before we left. It says ‘Life is all Plain Sailing’ – just joking Jackie, I think!