Over 1000 miles

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 2 Dec 2014 16:05
19.09.69N 33.23.03W

We have continued to have good winds and have managed 141 nm, 146 nm & 152 nm in the past 3 days. We have only used the engine for 15 hours in 3 days and about half of that has been in neutral charging the batteries. The weather has been mixed and on Monday we had lots of rain and squalls so it was pretty tiring having to continually reef in and out. We have also had quite a lot of sunshine and it is pretty warm with the sun out.


Susan cut my hair on Sunday at 7 knots, so the hair went horizontally over the side of the boat. She also cut my eyebrows, but my vision is unimpaired!!


We had 2 quite large flying fish lying on the deck on Monday morning – must be getting closer to the Caribbean.




On Monday I managed to block the stern toilet by trying to flush so called flushable toilet wipes – really stupid. I serviced the toilet in the afternoon, but it didn’t clear the blockage, however we can use the toilet via the holding tank so we still have 2 working toilets. It was a job for rubber gloves and a strong stomach.


We finished the last of our fresh meat on Sunday night so on Monday I decided to set up the fishing rod. Within an hour we heard the rod creaming and rushed to land our catch. We got the very nice fish alongside the boat and tried to land it with our net, however we managed to dislodge the hook and the fish escaped. With all the things we had to do on Monday we decided to call it a day for the fishing and had pasta for dinner. The fish would have done at least 3 meals, but there is always another day.


We also had to change the large genoa sheets on Monday as there was quite a bit of chaff near the sail end. We swapped the sheets end for end so the chaffed bits are in the cockpit and are not a problem. It is a problem we constantly have to look out for.


It was a really tiring day on Monday, so no energy or time for the blog etc.


We have seen 2 yachts this morning (2/12) although neither so far have come up with details on the AIS. One of the yachts looks like it will come quite close, but probably not until dark.


We have now sailed over 1150 miles and will soon be half way, probably in the early hours of Thursday.


All is well on good ship Enchantress and we still feel pretty lucky so far.